Hi, I am a Storyteller.

Storytelling runs deep in my veins, I come from a long line of photographers who were inspired by the coal miners in our small town located deep in the Appalachian mountains. I grew up lost in thought over the black & white images of dusty miners throughout my grandmother’s house. My mother was born with polio, she found photography to be a great release over her many years of treatments & surgeries. She gave up her dream when she was told she needed to get a “real” job, but to this day when she talks about her old Kodak, which I still have, her face illuminates with pure joy. I never realized what I was doing crouched down deep in the woods waiting for the light to pierce through the trees just right, all I knew was that I had to capture it and bring it back to show my family. Photography is a dream come true for me, moments in time captured to last throughout the years. After we relocated to the sea shores of the Panhandle, we experienced a massive hurricane, losing everything to Ivan, I spent my days combing the sand dunes collecting old photos I found, to re-home back to their families. I've grown over the years since starting with a disposable kodiak, which I carried everywhere I traveled throughout the 90's, to the latest DSLR technology. My biggest inspiration is capturing your moments, the spark that ignites when a couple kisses after their engagement, those tiny hands grasping their mom for the first time, toddlers who love throwing dirt during a family session, all of it just excites my soul!

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"These photographs are INCREDIBLE! I literally can never thank you enough. I am a soopping mess of emotions and they are all so incredible. I will cherish these forever. It was so magical being able to relive it all over again."

Sarah H.